Author Notes: The Young Practitioner

Things are really grim in the United States right now, for reasons…a lot of people smarter and more informed than me can explain thoroughly. All I aim to do right now is provide a momentary distraction that is a little self indulgent. One that can offer idle thought that isn’t necessarily set in stone, unlike certain other authors expressing themselves right now. I’m going to get into some of the topics I had in mind (or that became apparent to me) while writing my novel, The Young Practitioner. Continue reading


It’s been a while since I’ve written prose, and for good reason: the world’s kind of garbage right now. It can be difficult to find the time, or the words, and it becomes easier to do other things when you can’t scrounge up anything from your own imagination. But, uh…I got a little inspired this morning and managed to bring to life a fleeting thought, and I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know what you think – it’s not anything revolutionary, but it’s nice. I think it’s nice.


Her hair, long and black as night, holds souls like stars as they slumber, awaiting life. She is gentle with them, delicate hands gathering them up and scattering them on the wind of her breath when they’re ready, when their light shines most brilliantly. They settle into her weaving, her yarns and threads. Like gems, they glitter. They gleam.

He sits at the end of her weaving and unravels every line with care. The thread is wound up, the yarn looped. Souls, extinguished, are gently plucked from their place. Some still buzz with fury, and those he cuts loose. Those, he traps in a glass jar, and they rattle inside their cage against one another to no end. The others he cleans, examines, before bringing to her once more, threading them in her hair where they sleep, where they regain their brilliant light.

He offers her the lengths of materials he’d salvaged from her old work, and she assesses the wear and discards what cannot stay, mingles into the new what should be brought forward. They exchange words of gentle fondness before he leaves, for he cannot leave his post for long, lest those buzzing souls tear her work apart. And work she must, to give those slumbering souls their moments in time.

And so it goes, into infinity.

Quilting Crimes

I’m sure you’re looking at the title of this post and thinking that it’s the most ridiculous combination of words you’ve ever seen. And, well, you’re not wrong! It’s a phrase I coined specifically because it sounds so absurd. Quilting and crimes brings up images of white-haired grannies speeding away in a jalopy as they knit and sew, money from their bank heist cartoonishly flying out of the car as they go. But for me? I’ve just been indulging in an old hobby. Continue reading

One Month Back To Work

I figured, since the pandemic has created such a strangle hold on the United States, that I ought to make a specific category for it on my blog. Who knows how many posts I’ll be making referencing it? This country has jumped feet-first into the brambles, and folks ought to know what they’re getting into when reading personal accounts of what’s going on.

But yeah. It’s been a little over a month since my workplace reopened and I’ve had to regularly leave the safety of my home. Let me tell you about it. Continue reading

Coming on Week Three, Back to Work, with the Pandemic

So my office was able to open back up on June 15th. I’m back at work. I’m wearing a mask whenever I’m not sitting directly at my desk and gloves when I interact with the outside world, keeping my nose and mouth covered, using antibac on/washing my hands and spraying rubbing alcohol on surfaces to keep things as safe and clean as possible. I try to keep my distance from others, and I follow the decals on the floors of places. It’s not hard – I actively don’t want to be near strangers normally. But it is still a frightening experience. Continue reading

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – A Perpetual Work-In-Progress

This is a blogpost that’s been a long time coming – not because Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for almost three whole months, but because it’s been out for almost three months and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to say something about it. After all, my house is still not as decorated as I’d like it to be, and I sporadically change the layout of my island. It’s still a work in progress, it’s not perfect yet. But that’s when I realized…I may never get it to be perfect. And that’s okay! That’s not what the game is about. Continue reading

At the Limit of Bullshit


If you make a habit to be on the internet a lot, you’ve probably seen or heard the buzzing around JK Rowling’s most recent stance on the legitimacy of the Transgender community. Maybe you’ve read her blog post about it, maybe you’ve only seen her tweets. Maybe you’ve been a long time fan of the Harry Potter series since childhood, maybe you hate the entire franchise. Maybe…maybe you’re a lot of things. I won’t assume. I can’t.

All I can really do right now is be tired. Continue reading

I’m Still Here

It’s been stressful. It continues to be stressful. I don’t have much to write about simply because my stress and anxiety are overwhelming. I call it the “Screaming Brain Train”, just to find some dark levity. But I wanted to reach out to you guys anyway.

Stay safe out there. Take every precaution you can – whether you’re protecting yourself from Covid-19 or going out to protest. I’m not in a place where I can be completely honest with how I feel right now or do anything more significant than listening, and learning.

New and Useful Hobby


Been a while since my last post.

This is a combination of not doing much because I’ve been staying in my house as diligently as possible (I only emerged once to help with a grocery run), and the massive amounts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons I’ve been playing. That second one is something I’ll post about at a later date when I’m more satisfied with my island, but in the meantime you can see updates on my Twitter sporadically.

In between all that, though, my main objective is to help out around the house, and recently, at my repeated insistence, we finally invested in a bread machine! Continue reading

A Whole Week at Home

Considering current events, it’s probably not a surprise to hear that I haven’t left my house in a week. It’s…

I mean, for someone who has been a nervous wreck and has desperately needed time away from the outside world, who is definitely an introvert, it’s not been terribly hard. Not yet. But shockingly enough, even when you don’t leave your house, things still happen. Let me give you an update.

Continue reading