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Moominwatch – Episode 13, “The Last Dragon On Earth”

If you follow me on Twitter, you likely know the gist of the fact that I have been watching the Moomins anime from the 90’s for the first time ever. I am well aware that there are several animated AND live action adaptations of the stories and comics by Tove Jansson, as well as theme parts in Finland AND Japan, and that there is a new animated special called Moominvalley coming out/has just come out this year. So why did I start with the 90’s anime?


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Jenna Marbles and the Art of Positivity

I’m usually fairly slow to find myself following and enjoying the vast quantities of content available on the internet, especially when the videos themselves seem to just focus on the life of a person rather than, say, reviews of media or step-by-step cooking tutorials. It’s why I found myself only really starting to watch videos put out by Jenna Marbles last year, and. Well. Mostly I began watching for her adorable dogs, because as you call all tell, I really love dogs. But in keeping up with the videos she and her boyfriend Julien Solomita put up, I’ve really come to appreciate their content for its positivity. Continue reading

The College Admissions’ Open Secret

I haven’t made my opinions secret regarding the latest news on a massive college admissions cheating scandal that’s been aired out recently. I think it’s upsetting and despicable. But what I would like to do here, which can’t be properly done in a Twitter thread or through some other form of social media, is use the comprehensive skills I honed during my own time in college to explain why this is awful, and how, at the same time, we’ve just always known this sort of thing was happening. Maybe not to this extent, but at the same time, the last thing I would feel towards this is surprise. Continue reading

Small Hobbies

Are there any things you like to do that you’d like to consider a hobby, but barely have the time or opportunity to partake in?

I have a few. They’re things that I feel I should list as hobbies, but with work taking up so much of my weekly time and from living at home and having little energy for doing much once I’m home, I really have to be in the mood to do them. There’s probably a screed about the nature of American capitalism sucking your lifeblood dry for work instead of having that precious energy juice to partake in pleasant activities, but frankly I’m not smart enough to tackle that sort of topic, and would rather just tell you about the “small hobbies” that bring me joy when they finally wander into my life. Continue reading

Research: A Tool in the Writer’s Arsenal

It’s fair to say that any sort of project you might be working on as a writer can be enhanced, influenced, and generally made better by research. Whether it’s through checking the definitions of words to thumbing through several sources on a topic, taking the time to confirm facts is an important tool in the arsenal of a writer’s craft. It’s something I try to make use of even when writing out blog posts (as per my usage of links to kickstart your own investigation should you be curious), and though it was instilled in me through school and the relentless, grinding monotony of “check your sources” research papers, I can say with certainty that such methods have not only improved my own work, but can provide inspiration for future works as well.

How, you ask? Well, let me explain through terms of the specific example I wanted to discuss: Biology. Continue reading

May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key

…This is…something I didn’t really want to discuss out in the open on my personal, semi-professional writing blog. But it’s been at the forefront of my mind for over a month now, and only recently have I been working to take steps to reconcile and heal on the inside. So I think, being somewhat open about coping and building oneself up from pain is important, though I can’t guarantee I’ll have it in me to go into the nitty-gritty details. There’s still a lot of paranoia over being labeled as crazy or delusional over this, and…perhaps that tiny spark of inextinguishable fear that I’ll be punished for saying anything. But I’d like to be sincere. I’d like to get better.

So! Blanket statement: For 13 years, I have been physically, mentally, and emotionally unable to engage with the Kingdom Hearts series because of the manipulation and abuse of a girl I met through the fandom. Continue reading

What Stories Shaped You?

When I was still a young teen finding my way through the internet, I became entranced with the multitudes of fanfiction available to read, and the freedom to write some on my own. As with many writers and creative folk in fandoms on the internet, fanfiction is an easily accessible avenue through which people of all levels of craft can come together and submit stories for the vast and vitriolic audience that is the worldwide web. And it occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that there are likely stories that I once read long ago that, while having an impression on my young mind to the point where I cannot quite forget them, they could be lost forever in the detritus of the datascapes. Websites, as you know, can become defunct, and our memories can hang onto plot points but perhaps not author names or domains or story titles.

Still, part of me would like to make an attempt to go back in my memories and unearth what old gems I can find from my youth to share them with you. Why? Eh, no particular reason. I’d just like to see what’s still around. I might go into what I can’t find in more detail in another blog post, but for now let’s get hunting. Continue reading


…I’m certain that those of you on Twitter are expecting a blog post about a certain topic that I’ve been tweeting about recently, as well as circulating the retweets with personal testimonies and information. And I would like to talk about it properly, I really would. It’s a topic that needs discussing on as many platforms as possible. But outside of those bites of text that consist of a tweet, I really don’t have much mental fortitude to go into it right now. Maybe in the next couple of weeks I’ll have some energy to do so, but…I’ll be honest. 2019 has started off with a punch to the face that’s going to be hard to recover from. Continue reading

Why Obsess Over Regrets?

Most of my conversations with my grandfather happen over the phone. This makes sense, considering he lives nearly on the other side of the United States. I don’t mind that he tends to tangent off into discussions of his backyard garden and house maintenance, because those things make him happy. But something did strike me as odd yesterday as I let him say his piece: nearly every conversation I’ve had with him since college, at least, has emphasized the concept of avoiding regret.

Or, well, to be more specific: to hound both of my brothers to do things so they can avoid anticipated regret later in life, and how I’ve made terrible mistakes that I will regret forever and so has he and we both need to instill in the “younger” generation not to make them.

I love my grandfather, but the older we both get, the more I question his words. Continue reading